An introduction to

Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky

[also known as Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky or Constantin Makowsky or Konstantin Makovskij; Russian, 1839-1915]. 


Best known as a painter of peasant scenes and founding member of the revolutionary movement known as the “Wanderers,” Makovsky established himself early on as a champion of Russian subject  matter. Entering the Imperial Academy in St. Petersburg – the only avenue for aspiring artists in the tightly controlled Czarist state in 1858, Makovsky took an active part in an unprecedented rebellion against the authorities in 1863 and, with thirteen other students, formed the Artel’ Khudozhnikov, an independent artists’ cooperative. The Artel‘ advocated freedom from Academic rules and subject matter and members saw themselves as part of a new moral and rational order.


Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolayevna

[1905, 133 x 84 cm, Oil on Canvas]

Maria Nikolayevna (1878-1918) was the third of the four daughters of Nicholas II and Alexandra Fyodorovna. All four daughters were close friends, but Maria Nikolayevna was the darling of them all. They helped to take care of their brother Tsesarevich Alexey, who suffered from hemophilia. According to Alexey’s tutor Pierre Gilliard, who remained with the imperial family in exile until very shortly before they were killed in Yekaterinburg, the princess was kind and modest and struck everyone with her bright beauty and healthy looks. Her sisters made fun of her kindness and called her Le bon gros Toutou.


Russian Beauty and Cat

[1865, 115 x 93 cm, Oil on Canvas]

Russian Beauty and Cat perfectly embodies the modified realism and dawning nationalism of mid-century Russian artists. A carefully painted Tartar woman loans out an ornately carved window frame. The elaborate jewelry of her adornments contrasts with the softness of her face and bare shoulders – a slightly sensual note accentuated by the contented, purring cat that she strokes.






Hanya ada beberapa karya luar biasa yang seolah tanpa tanding. Dengan Artcyclopedia, kita mencoba untuk mencari tahu siapa itu “Konstantin Egorovich Makovsky“, lalu seperti apa dan dimana saja karya-karyanya.



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